March 24 • 9am – 5pm • $200

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Workshop Goals

This workshop is the perfect hands-on introduction to the entire digital photographic topic. You will learn the basics of using a digital camera at home, at work, or traveling, whether you have a point-and-shoot with some features or a fancy new DSLR. This intimate, laid-back, and non-competitive class will teach you how to use your new camera – or make better use of your existing camera’s features. With a mixture of lecture and hands-on photography, this class will cover camera settings, taking photographs and setting up a digital photo workflow.

Time Dedication

The workshop will run on one Saturday from 9am to 5pm with a break for lunch. This schedule is aimed for those of you with full-time jobs, families, etc. Unless the weather is just awful, we will go out on a photo walk around Frisco. Please wear appropriate clothing for the weather. The amount of time you dedicate after class is really up to you. You will certainly leave the workshop with the knowledge you need to begin making better photos than you ever have before.




Steve is a life-long photographer, educator, trainer, and technology support professional. Steve has introduced the ins-and-outs of digital photography to students young and old since 1995 and has been involved in education and training since 1978. His professional and personal photography is varied but he focuses on nature, travel, and sports. He has images hanging at the Arts Alive Gallery in Breckenridge. SteveGandy.com/photography


Photographers who are just starting out and hobbyists/amateurs who want to get better. Many take this class soon after or just before getting a new camera. You should have either a DSLR, Mirrorless interchangeable lens, or a point-and-shoot camera with priority modes (M,A,S,P). Contact the instructor if you are not sure about your camera.


With a mixture of lecture and hands-on photography, this class will cover camera settings, taking photographs and setting up a digital photo workflow. You must take some photos before you come, but we’ll also shoot during the day.

• Part 1 – Getting to Know Your Camera and the Most Important Settings
• Part 2 – Shooting with your New Skills
• Part 3 – Post Processing Overview, Tips, and Final Questions

After shooting, we will overview the most important steps in the the editing process. The steps will be demonstrated with a variety of common software choices (iPhoto, Lightroom, Aperture, Photoshop etc.). You will receive feedback, tips and management techniques based on the widely accepted ASMP Best Practices website and book as well as exposure and composition help.


Will my camera work for this class?
Any camera with the basic modes: M, A, S or Tv, P should be good.
Will this class start at the beginning?
Will I know how to adjust my shooting for different scenes and conditions?
Yes! You can go from beginner to intermediate photographer with this class.
If you have a different question, please email me. Steve Gandy.