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On Thursday October 8th, at 7PM, I will be giving a presentation “Flying the Rockies of Colorado” at Evo3 Workspace in Frisco, CO. In the heart of Summit County, and where all this aviation mountain madness began two years ago, the presentation will consist of a slideshow of stunning aerial photography of the High Rockies area as well as personal accounts of flying the entirety of the region in a little old airplane that weighs less than 800 pounds, no heat, and less than 100 horsepower. I’ll share some of my previously undisclosed work in the slideshow.

So far, I have published three books focused on the Colorado Rockies, and I have 3 additional aerial photography books focused on the state in the process of being published. From the glaciers in the Front Range, to all of the 14ers in the state (twice), to the little known yet equally as rugged mountain ranges in between, I have flown almost every corner of Colorado in pursuit of something, and have photographed what I saw in between.

There is quite a story behind what would drive a person to undertake such ambitious ridiculous flying and to keep doing it project after project, which I will share alongside the story of how I figured out how to keep the airplane right side up while photographing some of the highest terrain in the Lower 48.

The event lasts about an hour and is free.

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